Black Fasteners Commercial Building

MC Construction have completed various commercial projects including refurbishments, alterations, and new builds.
Here we showcase a number of commercial projects in Marlborough and Canterbury. Call 0800 14 74 33 to discuss how we can assist in your project.
Refurbishment at Blacks Fasteners
Extensive Alterations at Central Fire Station
NEW BUILDSNew Build of NPD Service Stations


Ablution Block at Point Kean, Kaikoura

Reasons to choose transportable:
You'll have a definite move in date: Once council plans are approved and finance is arranged, you are given a date when you can move into your new home.  (Far more use than a 'start date' that could be extended for months.)

Kind to the environment: Constructing 90% off-site means our efficient factory uses less energy, and reduces waste, with minimal visits to site.

You can adapt the floor plan or we'll build your own design: You get the home you want, with personal assistance from a family owned and operated local company. 

Your home right where you want it: We bring the home to your land... so you don't need to build in a certain area. No more problems of getting tradesman to rural or remote areas. 

The winning advantages
  • Fast building time (For whatever season you need it for, we can help)
  • Range of building types (Including duplexes, workers' accommodation, foaling huts)
  • Custom building design (Need something special?  We custom build with production-line efficiency.)
  • Complete turn-key package (From initial design, council approval, to floor coverings and curtains - you can focus on your operation without being distracted by building hassles.)
  • Built in country locations (No additional charges for outlying areas, except if additional transport is required.)
  • Integrated building system (Your home is built in the factory while the site is prepared, then delivered and installed within a week or two once the site is ready - we'll even demolish existing buildings on the site.)
  • Finance-friendly (Minimal draw-down time required before you start receiving a return on you investment.)

From starting gate to home straight
Your time is precious, and the last thing you want is for your site to be disrupted for months on end by building activity.  We understand that you need to keep an eye on your business and that's exactly why we offer a complete package.  We look after your project at every step.

Our consultants are here to assist - we'll visit your site for an obligation-free inspection, talk over your requirements, and help with custom designs.  Then as part of your Starter Pack, we'll submit your project to council.  Colour selections are easy - either totally customised, or for peace of mind simply choose a scheme by our interior designer. 

Your new home can be ready to move in as early as 8 weeks from the start date.  Of this, normally only 2-3 weeks are spent on-site, ensuring minimal disruption to your operation.  And uniquely, if you are replacing an existing building, we can start construction while the demolition occurs.... with a 'swap-over' from old to new in less than one month!

Our building process has environmental benefits too.  At the factory and on-site, wastage is kept to an absolute minimum, with surplus materials recycled onto other projects wherever possible.  The speed and efficiency of the factory means less energy is used to produce your home, and your site remains relatively untouched as only several trades need to visit.  Add to this our philosophy of utilising 'green' building materials throughout and you have the complete environmentally-friendly building solution!

We can assist by offering our experience in a building, with a system that benefits you by being able to work in with your time consultants.  Your project is constructed at our factory - no delays, weather damage or on site disruption.  We then simply transport it to your site and within weeks it is ready to use.
Do you need something further than this? Contact us to find out.