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MC Construction offer a large range of Prime Peak sheds to meet your requirements.
Choose Prime Peak for customisation, quality, and a satisfying hassle free experience.
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MC Construction offer you the largest Garden Shed display and range in Marlborough..

Our Affordable sheds include an all metal construction with hinged doors. There is a large range of sizes in this range from 1.5m x 0.8m to 3.8m x 3.8m as well as a range of colours.
You have the option to buy some of these sheds as a boxed shed, which involves you making up the panels, or buying the shed already pre-panelled by our factory staff, leaving you just to rivet or screw the walls together, put the roof on and assemble the floor. These sheds can also be fitted with extra doors or windows etc.
Of course you can, like most do, is go for the full service, leaving it to the professionals, where we will meet you on site to arrange a position for the shed and we do the rest, site assembly complete with floor, concrete or timber.  Find out more about these sheds.
Our next level up shed includes a timber frame and a hinge door with wrap around roof and corner panels meaning less joins. The shed is clad with high tensile .40 gauge six rib profile sheets. Once again this range comes in a range of size and colours.  Find out more about these sheds.
The next level up shed also includes a timber frame but a sliding door along with extra features such as spouting, corner flashings, ridge beam, single roof gable sheets, the list goes on and on. This type of shed is very popular, has high aesthetic values and is a great all round shed. The range of sizes in this range is very impressive.
We go up to a workshop which is 4.2m wide x 4.2m long as with the range of colours. Each coloured shed comes with its own touch up paint and brush. There is also a 10 year steel warranty on the cladding. You can also have extra doors fitted, clear roof panels and windows etc.  Find out more about these sheds.
The next step up is our range of Pine timber sheds has the highest aesthetic appeal, with the natural beauty of Pine Weatherboards. Being a modular format, it's easy to swap door and window positions around. The range includes chalets, verandas and small offices. These sheds are designed for those who take sheds seriously, requiring lasting value.  Find out more about these sheds.
The next step up, last but by no means the least is our range of Cedar Sheds. This range is clearly the ULTIMATE Garden Shed coming with a 5 carat Guarantee which is unparallelled in the industry. These sheds come with Cedar cladding onto Pine frames with Cedar shingle or Colorsteel roof. Many sizes available through to cabins.  Find out more about these sheds.

Prime Peak

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Over the years we have satisfied many clients needs with good quality building and would like to apply our experience in the building industry to accommodate you in your needs also.

Experience does count! We are a family owned business operating for over 20 years. Together we have had a vast range of experience in constructing buildings from Garden Sheds through to large commercial buildings. 

A lot of Garden shed companies are not flexible outside their standard range of stock sheds whereas we have taken the opposite approach. We offer the usual selection of sizes and designs but can also design a garden shed to suit your needs, with a range of cladding and roofing types and any other special requests to accommodate your needs.

We can offer a superior service from our receptionist to our assembly staff who are 100% committed to listening to any queries or problems you may have and causing you to completely relax throughout the process. We can handle everything for you from site visits, no obligation quotes, design, floors; concrete or wooden, right through to the final stages that are required on site. Because we are a family oriented business we understand your needs and can provide a solution to meet your problem. Is your time too valuable to spend several weekends fussing about a pile of sheets, nuts, bolts and rivets?

Prime Peak would be your only choice for a hassle free shed experience. A garden shed is an investment of your capital and needs protection and assurance of an end result that will meet your expectations which we will endeavour to fulfil to the best of our ability. We look forward to being able to apply our experience and skills to your advantage in the near or far future.

Call us on 0800 14 SHED for a no obligation quote, otherwise you may regret it, and remember, the bitterness of bad service lasts long after the sweetness of low price.

1. Provide concept plans for ideas & inspiration
2. Custom design your project to suit your needs.
3. Obtain consents and permits as required.
4. Remove existing buildings and spoil from site.
5. Prepare and lay the any foundation and site work.
6. Supply and install your custom building on site.
7. Plumbing, electrical, drainage, earth-works, painting.
8. Interior design work including tool racks and security.
9. Driveway, paths, retaining wall, landscaping exterior work.
10. Building Maintenance Scheme.
Do you need something further than this? Contact us to find out.