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Latest Projects
Below is a selection of MC Construction's projects throughout the Upper South Island.
We cover Marlborough and Canterbury and everything in between. Also see our Latest Articles


18 Month Project Complete.

Starting on site in May 2013, our team has transformed this former tip site into a brand new, multi-use self-service fuel station. Several challenges with soft ground on site and extensive engineering designs for the foundation produced a one of its kind fuel station. 

NPD 8Conpavers - Downsized

Our team carried out all foundation works, tank construction, concrete of entire area, canopy erection and so on.  Secondly, we successfully built a smart, modern administration block facility which is located to the side of the yard. Several months later this is now complete and open and our team and our customer are highly satisfied with the final result.

.NPD 9

The Rebuild Rocks On.

We're still rocking round the clock, heads down into rebuilding garages and sleepouts for earthquake claims from the 2011 quakes. We recently snapped a few progress photos of projects in Avondale, Richmond and St Albans to show you what we're all about. Below is some photos of the existing garages, and then the replacement we're undertaking. Interested in other projects we've completed? Email us to find out more.

Recent Projects 1 - ReducedRecent Projects 2 - ReducedRecent Projects 3 - Reduced

New Office on the Block for Blenheim.

MC Construction has completed building the new Head Office administration block in Witherlea Blenheim. Since completion other additions have followed including a sophisticated wash down bay, new carport display, new double garage display, and a assortment of new signs. Below is a shot looking from the North West a month prior to completion.

IMG 3378(1)

Cashmere High School Looking Smart (Now).

Recently completed at Cashmere High School was a large caretakers shed to replace the existing set of sheds (pictured). MC Construction ensures that the concrete we use is quality, and best for the job. Whether the project is big or small, we like to ensure our materials used are quality, safe, and durable. 


IMG 20140523 132512

IMG 20140620 131029

New Zealand's Construction Sector On A Roll.

Christchurch rebuild on a roll, with the construction sector providing momentum to the Canterbury region and nation-wide.

MC Construction is finding an increase in enquiries for residential demolition and rebuilds. The big resurgence in New Zealand house building has delighted economists as it hits the highest level in 12 years.

As MC Construction focus on residential rebuilds, the workload for us is on the climb. Residential activity in Canterbury has increased by 31% in the first 2014 quarter, while non-residential had increased by just over half of that at 16%. For us, this means more requests from home owners for garages, sleepouts, workshops and carports.

Below is before and after of a demolition and construction project recently completed in Christchurch.

Larger garage (2)IMG 20140701 102519

Recently Completed in Canterbury.

In the last month we have completed a barn, a sleepout, garages, fences, garden sheds, offices, small commercial construction works and more.  Our recent projects have covered from Queens town, to Loburn and Rangiora in Canterbury, and Havelock and Anakiwa in Marlborough. 

The construction of the new NPD truck stop building and landscaping in Hornby and the Cashmere High School project are both nearing completion. The major construction works to the Blenheim Central Fire Station continues.

IMG 00000388IMG-20130529-01626

Powerful Progress in the Fletcher EQR Project.

Our focus on garage projects with the Fletchers Earthquake Recovery, have assisted many individuals to get their garages built quicker. 

There is no change to the goal to complete as many repairs as possible in 2014 but EQC has confirmed publicly again that the Canterbury Home Repair Programme will continue until all repairs are completed.   

There are about 70,000 homes in total in CHRP with more than 59,000 either completed or under way which means around 11,000 remain. 

IMG 20140509 113408

How to hear "I Like Your Gate Mate".

With gates like the double wooden swingers installed recently (see below), you will really draw a crowd. If you are a DIY kind you can purchase it as a kit, however most choose to use our installation service. We also a wide range of timber gates, moduline colourscreen fencing system, and custom block fences. You will impress the neighbourhood with these!

Pinders Gates

Concrete Standards - Using the Best for the Pour.

MC Construction ensures that the concrete we use is quality, and best for the job. Whether the project is big or small, we like to ensure our materials used are quality, safe, and durable. In the picture below, MC Construction pumps concrete at commercial job in Blenheim. 'The team that puts 'Excellence into Building'.


Small Commercial Project Nears Completion - Blenheim.

IMG 00000074 - Copy

MC Construction has completed the final stages of a entire revamp and rebuild of Blacks Fasteners new retail store in Sutherland Terrace, Blenheim. This project included specialist fencing and facades to complete the fantastic look. We do from consents to completion, including varying small commercial projects. If you are interested in a job similar, simply call 0800 14 74 33 and talk to Terry or Jason today.

Blacks(1) - Copy

Recently Constructed in Clyde Road - Double Garage Replacement.

The following pictures demonstrate how we can virtually replicate your existing garage like this recently completed project on Clyde Road.
With new added extras including a garage tilt door, side entrance door, and three windows on the side.
What's more, as the pictures show, our projects are completed with minimal disruption to the surroundings.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Front and side view of the new Double Garage replaced in Clyde Road, Christchurch:

Before - Copy
After - Copy

Hot News:

Blenheim Central Fire Station.

Recent work has been completed at the Blenheim Central Fire Station.  MC Construction has been focusing on several small commercial projects recently in both Marlborough and Canterbury, including building two NPD Fuel Service Station in the Christchurch area.

Front view of the Blenheim Central Fire Station where extensive alterations and reconstruction has taken place recently:

Fire Station
Demolition Projects in Canterbury.
We have had many demolition project s in Christchurch as a result of Earthquake assesment. Here our sub contractors demolish a block garage on Hills Road. 
Custom Built in Christchurch.
MC Construction specializes in building custom built sheds, carports, sleepouts, and garages. 
This garage is complete with ply+batten and vertical corrugate at the customers request.
Ply + batten front and vertical corrugate garage with electric door and sleepout:

(A) Main Picture

Before and After - Note the After.
Need to restructure, rebuild, or replace your garage? MC Construction has the answer. 
We can meet your need, just like this new single garage and carport Opawa, Christchurch.
Improve the value of your porperty today.

Before and after photos of a single garage and carport:


New Face, New Place; Reconstruction Work
Countless times we are approached with the request to replicate the original. Your garage or sleepout may not be earthquake safe, like this project in Christchurch, but we have the answer. 
Original garage during demolition:
Completed garage in the same location:

We Do Every Shape and Size
No matter what the need is, we're happy to go out of our way to meet it. Whether it be a small single garage as recently completed below, or a house to office block - We'll be happy to see the project through.
Enquire further today.


Growth Spurs New Head Office Administration Block
MC Construction's new office block is well on it's way to be fully completed in March-April 2014. This is located at 6A Wither Road, Blenheim and will be the new address for our Head Office. Remember to update our details on your server. Watch out for more progress.

We cover Marlborough and Canterbury and everything in between.
Also see our Latest Articles