Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet

Portable Toilets for Sale: Why Hire?

These Portable Toilets are among the best on the market, ideal for many uses from vineyards to building sites.
 The standard unit comes with a plastic tank, urinal, and other features. We also place chemicals in all the units, so they are ready to go when they arrive!
Portable Toilet facilities
Waste Management Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Features
- Walls are strong enough to withstand impact, and flexible enough to survive normal day-to-day operations.
- Handholds are molded in anywhere you grab hold along the edges for fast, easy moving.
- Vent stack placed at the highest point in the tank to control odour.
- Occupied indicator retracts to "unoccupied" when the door closes; no empty units marked "in use".
- Riveted corner moldings to combat transport stress and abusive field condition; aluminium rivets guarantee holdping power without rust.
- Hand santiser (optional)
(trailer not included)

Portable Toilet Options

Option 1:
Standard portable toilet

Option 2:
The unit with dump valve fitted. This does away with the need to call a contractor in for regular servicing. All you need to do is just position hose over (specific tank), pull handle, and wash out:

You might want to include a hand sanitiser unit including refill (doing away with the need of running water for hand washings) or a stacker toilet roll holder including 2 rolls of toilet paper.


Call us to check current availability and options for your project.

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