Guarantee/ Warranty

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee goes beyond our handshake and is not just a form from a business association.  It is a personal guarantee from our company to you, to meet all statuary requirements and provide a project finished to contractual specifications.

Because of our years of involvement in the industry, we are here to stay and will continue to provide a back up to your projects. Furthermore, we can assist you in any maintenance programmes.

 Here is more information about our Maintenance Package. 

Customer Commitment Statement

It is our endeavour to care for you, our client. We provide a building that will meet your exact specifications and particular needs at a very favourable price.

Construction regulations over the past few years have become very extensive. Thus at MC Construction, we are continually making ourselves aware of the requirements to make sure we comply.


Management of Projects

The management team at MC Construction are willing to assist you with your project at whatever stage you may be at. You may have a design already or you may have only a dream. Our projects range from commercial construction to building homes.

MC Construction is based right here in the South Island.  Thus our hands-on experience dating back at least 20 years speaks for itself. All our design work and engineering calculations reflect our knowledge of local conditions accumulated over this time.

Co-ordinating construction and the many associated trades is a practised art at MC Construction. We use principles of clear and definite instructions, fairness, common sense and workplace safety.

Furthermore, we keep an open line of communication with our client the whole way through the project to ensure we missed nothing and we meet your requirements.


Workplace and Staff

At MC Construction we are well aware of the need to have well regulated and motivated staff to be able to attain our leadership goal. We have a dedicated team of skilled staff to take care of all scenarios. These range from someone to help you with your design through to qualified tradesmen to personally oversee your project.

The industry often requires deadlines be met which leave us relying greatly on our staffs committal and initiative to reach these ends. Quality tooling and tidy, safe work sites are a policy that is stood by at MC Construction.

We believe that this leads to a higher achievement.


Terms & Conditions

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