Health & Safety



Here at MC Construction, we regard Health and Safety as very important.  MC Construction is up to date with the requirements of the NZ Health and Safety in Employment Act.  Furthermore, we use the Site Safe safety system culture and Bware Health and Safety software for MC Construction safety management.

Eliminating Hazards

It is a fundamental requirement of our staff at MC Construction to take all practicable steps to eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards in the workplace. Additionally, we treat the health and safety of all staff equally to other operational requirements of running our business.
MC Construction provides a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors.  Thus our aim is to comply with legislation, codes of practice, industry standards. We aim to establish safe systems of work for all activities, as laid down in our Health and Safety Manual.

Rehabilitation Program

We commit to pursuing an active rehabilitation program. This is to support the safe and early return to work of any injured employees.  Ultimately, we aim to minimise risk in all areas of our operations and advise all concerned parties of this policy and health and safety procedures. 

In conclusion, check out our Site wise safety ratings Here.

Give our Health and Safety coordinator Matt Ebborn a call on 022 166 9341 or email at