Smoko Sheds

Portable Break Rooms

You will be aware a lot of time is lost in travelling to and from the ‘smoko’ room. This shed minimizes these issues.
Some staff do not have any ‘smoko’ provision and it is fast becoming an OSH requirement. As well as becoming a requirement, these “satellite” meal rooms will save your contractors or staff hours of time. The mobile lunchroom is always ready for the next break, providing a on-the-spot shelter from the elements, creating a clean, tidy environment and morale booster for your staff.  

Take the Lunch to the Workers

Features include:
  • Adjustable outrigger legs
  • Towbar and jockey wheel
  • Slide out steps
  • Large double door entrance
  • Super stable
  • Robust Construction
  • Lunch Bench and sanitizer included
  • Other options are endless.
  • Multiple uses
  • Fixed seating

Why A Smoko Shed?

These meal rooms come with adjustable outrigger legs and are fully towable, with jockey wheel for final adjustments. Slide out steps make life easy, great for towing as well. Two large sliding doors mean they won’t be buffeted by the wind. The shed itself is the best available with a timber-framed structure along with extra features such as spouting, corner flashings, ridge beam, single roof gable sheets etc., the list goes on and on.

This type of shed is very very popular, has high aesthetic values and is a great all round product. The range of sizes is very impressive. Each colour steel shed comes with its own touch-up paint and brush, and there’s also a 10-year steel warranty on the cladding. You can also have extra doors fitted, clear roof panels and windows fixed or louvres. Attach this to our trailer chassis and you have the very best smoko shed at your fingertips.

This shed also comes with a lunch table as standard for your staff as well as a hand sanitizer.

Extra Features

Other features which can easily be added:
• Extra windows; fixed or louvre or clear light sheets.
• Water (hot or cold)
• Cupboards
• Chairs
• Mobile Fax/Phone
• Extra Hand Sanitizer
• Shelves
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