Chemical Sheds

Do you need new Chemical Sheds? Most farms and lifestyle blocks will have needs that fall within the classification of “minor storage” as prescribed in the Australian Standard AS 2507 – 1998.

When quantities exceed 1000kg or litres combined, there are additional specifications which must be met and complied with the likes of the Dangerous Goods Act 1985 and Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) regulations 2012.

Sheds for minor storage of agricultural and veterinarian chemicals are not as common as one might think. Furthermore, some solutions can come at quite a price tag.

If you’re looking for a low-cost option, MC Construction has developed a simple and cost-effective solution for their Yardsaver range of sheds.  This is an accessory chemical ventilation upgrade kit which will convert a standard shed into a minor storage facility.

The kit comes complete with the vents sheeting and a door security kit to comply with the standard as well as the specifications for containment or bunded slab.

Chemical Shed Features

Our Hazchem storage Chem Sheds measure 3.0m long by 1.5m wide, a very appropriate size for storing dangerous chemicals.
To ensure maximum safety the Chem Sheds include the following features:

1. A bunded pre-cast concrete floor
2. Two ventilation ports
3. Drainage outlets on the shed base
4. Steel shelving for storage
5. Braced door for strength and security
6. Necessary warning and safety signage
7. We offer these sheds fully assembled and attached to the base
8. Fully lockable hinged door
9. Lift and Shift Service to your site

Requirements: Storage of Agri-Chemicals

A minor storage area should meet the following criteria:

1. Fire-resistant and structurally sound
2. Protected against extreme heat and exposure to sunlight
3. Have floors made of concrete or other material which is impervious and resistant to chemical erosion
4. Provide a method for containing spills (i.e. bunding)
5. Located in an area that is safe from flooding or inundation and is also not in the immediate catchment of a dam or waterway
6. Be securely lockable.
7. Have clear access to avoid hazards whilst carrying chemicals.
8. Have sturdy, non-absorbent shelving that is adequate to store chemicals without stacking
9. Ventilation and handling precautions: Ventilation of the storage facility must prevent a build-up of chemical vapours.
10. The areas used for handling, filling and decanting chemicals must have additional ventilation to ensure a safe working

Alternative Sizes

Alternative sizes of chemical sheds are available from the MC Construction range with the vents available as options.
Precast slabs are not available for these sizes but an onsite concrete bunded floor is available.

Safe & Secure

Most responsible operators would be aware of the legal obligation to safely use dangerous substances when on the job but what happens to the little bit left over? Where is the designated storage that is both safe and secure? Purchase the Bunded Chemical Shed without delay and fulfil your responsibility to your family, workers and/or your customers. The reasonable price will surprise you.. What’s more, your chemicals will be securely stored to your satisfaction.

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