Christchurch Earthquake

New Opportunities for Canterbury Recovery with Arrow International

Arrow International has been an active member of the Christchurch community since the 1980s. They continue to offer support and assistance to business owners to establish business continuity as soon as possible.

MC Construction is privileged to work alongside Arrow International on recent projects. We are seeing dozen of projects on the go as part of Arrow’s Southern Response program for earthquake damage victims.

This isn’t exactly new ground between MC Construction and Arrow International, we’ve been working on various projects for some years. However it does shows an on-going commitment to the building industry and the future of Canterbury.

MC Construction is excited to carry out these repairs which mainly involves demolition and construction of garages, sleepouts and carports. In fact, we can’t wait to get to know more of the Christchurch community better.

We are the Specialist Garage Company for the Canterbury Rebuild

The type of rebuilding we are presenting to you is domestic prefabricated construction involving the supply and erection for the Canterbury rebuild project. We are the appointed agents for the ‘Ideal’ brand of garages, cottages, sleepouts, studios and more for the Christchurch region (since December 2009).
​We have sales staff, consultant staff and contractors available for placing of concrete floors and erecting buildings as required. As you will be aware, the rebuild construction is very specialized and is not open to general builders. We specialise in custom design buildings to suit the end users needs. We understand that replication for rebuild projects is important, as many home owners wish to match the existing building structure. This booklet will inform you further about who we are and what we do.

We are familiar with:

Demolition projects
Alternative claddings in plaster/brick/ply or batten/sea or spray/horizontal or vertical corrugate
Different roof types and style of roof pitch (including Monoslope, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, and hip roof)
Different size buildings
Fire walls
Any garage project, from start to finish
Along with the Ideal range we have more great ranges for carports and garden shed ranges from a number of other suppliers. We offer 5 different levels of garden sheds all with full service construction including timber and or concrete floor. Similarly our carports come in a variety of sizes and styles from apex to flat as well as fire rating clearlite panels. We have your rebuilding projects sorted.

Our Continuing Work With EQR; Helping Christchurch Recover

Our focus on garage projects with the Fletchers Earthquake Recovery, have assisted many individuals to get their garages built quicker. So far we have contributed to the EQR efforts with full-scope repairs totaling over 49,000 completed jobs. Now EQR are estimating to repair 20,000 homes by 1st January 2015. EQR spokesman Barry Akers says, “we’re not winding down at this stage”. Fletcher Earthquake Recovery is the lead contractor in the Earthquake Commissions residential repair project and is responsible for repairs priced between $15,000 and $100,000.

For updates on the progress visit
Christchurch Re-Build Update Summer 2014

A lot more work will be starting as the $32 to $35 billion covered by insurance companies for the rebuild is now starting to flow. Chief executive of the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Peter Townsend, says to expect a rapid increase in rebuild work in the first quarter of 2014. As insurance payouts reach the private sector, an avalanche of work will come along with it. Grant Florence, the CEO of the Certified Builders Association agrees, saying that the building industry was ‘at its capacity in Christchurch and building quickly in Auckland’.

MC Construction’s relationship with EQR is seeing many garages getting built in Canterbury. EQR spokesman Barry Akers says, “There’s still 12 months to go, and there’s still the likelihood of 20,000 or more repairs to be done so we’re not winding down at this stage. Fletcher Earthquake Recovery is the lead contractor in the Earthquake Commissions residential repair project and is responsible for repairs priced between $15,000 and $100,000. With the economy looking up, and the building industry under pressure in Christchurch and Auckland, our contribution to Fletcher’s repair efforts are not in any way going to recede.

Christchurch Earthquake Reports
Another 251 homes in Christchurch have been zoned red. Of the homes which had been zoned orange, 78 are in the east of the central city, 29 are in north Linwood and 144 are in south Richmond.

All insured residental properties in the newly red zoned areas will be subject to the Government offer of purchase. “An engineering solution to remediate the land and replace seriously damaged infrastructure would be uncertain, disruptive, take a very long time, and is simply not cost effective”.

Mr Brownlee said all of the properties rezoned red have suffered widespread liquefaction resulting in ground settlement as well as extensive lateral spreading towards the Avon River. “On that basis we’ve decided the only feasible option is to provide residents with some uncertainty by offering to buy their land and homes”.