Lighting Tower

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TN Series Lighting Towers

The TN series consists of a rugged trailer, four floodlights, and a diesel driven generator set.  The Kubota diesel engine and generator components are mounted inside a weatherproof enclosure that also provides quiet, reliable operation. (72 dBA at 23 ft.)

The mast can be raised via the dual ergonomic winch system which can be rotated 359° and locked at 330°.

Durable and multi-fault protection generator with a Tier 4F diesel engine and brushless alternator along with a 170.344 fuel tank for a longer runtime.



 The galvanized mast and the powder coated finish withstand both harsh work and weather conditions.

• The heavy-duty muffler and the soundproof canopy reduced the noise level to under 70dB(A) at a 23 ft. distance.

• The lights can be adjusted manually in the non-lifting position. Each individual light can be rotated 360° and tilted 90°.

• The light height is 29’- 6” when the mast is fully extended allowing for superior illumination.

• 4 x 1000 watt metal halide with individual breakers.

• 4 adjustable manually operated stabilizing legs are rated for 2000lbs each and provide level & safe operating conditions even on rough terrain. TN lighting towers can safely operate in winds up to 47mph.

 Engine protection includes high temperature, low oil level, low fuel level, hour meter and more…

• Standard 7.5 KW model provides Auxiliary Power with 240V & 120V receptacles while the lights are illuminated.

• The heavy duty jockey wheel allows for easy hook up to a tow vehicle or short distance moves by hand.

 Download our brochure for more information on the MC Lighting Tower.



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