Pump Sheds

MC Construction has experience in the supply and installing custom Pump Sheds having done a significant quantity over the years.

Pump Shed Options

MC Construction has a range of Pump Sheds from 1.5m2 to fully lined to custom design mono-slope. We can assist in obtaining consent, both resource & building consents if required. You can choose from a budget, intermediate, or premium shed option.

Budget Pump Sheds

Our budget sheds include an all-metal construction with hinged doors. There is a large range of sizes in this range from 1.5m x 0.8m to 3.8m x 3.8m as well as a range of colours. These sheds can also be fitted with extra doors or windows.

Intermediate Pump Sheds

The intermediate Pump Shed range includes a hinge door with wrap around the roof and corner panels meaning fewer joins. The shed is clad with high tensile profile sheets and is available in a wide range of colours.

Premium Pump Sheds

Premium sheds include a timber frame for ultimate strength, easy to use a sliding door, and extra features such as spouting, corner flashings, ridge beam, single roof gable sheets, and more. This type of shed is very popular and has high aesthetic values.
These sheds can come in sizes up to 4.2M x 4.2M and offers a range of Colorsteel colours with a 10-year steel warranty on the cladding. You can also have extra doors fitted, clear roof panels and windows.

Large & Custom Pump Sheds

MC Construction has completed the larger pump garages/control rooms. These Pump Sheds are generally fitted with concrete floor and the cladding can be adapted to accommodate pipes and required vents. These Colorsteel buildings are known for high durability and the profiled walls and roof sheeting is backed by the NZ steel warranty. The frame is constructed with high strength kiln dried timber.

We also have a range of steel frame buildings for the larger sizes and are waterproof inside and out. These have superior strength values; don’t have bird roosting areas and look great with horizontal profiled steel cladding.


If you would like to discuss building a pump shed or have any inquiries click here , or call the MC Construction team on 08001474333