Spencer Range

MC Construction stocks the  Spencer Range which embraces the contemporary Prime Peak Garage design that feature timber and weatherboard-styled finishes.
Build with Prime Peak Garages for customised solutions, quality finishes and results with a hassle-free process.

Spencer Garage Range Features

  • High in quality
  • Match existing style
  • Large colour range
  • 20° roof pitch standard
  • 600mm stud spanning
  • Gable or monoslope roof
  • Enhanced foundation design
  • Variable stud height


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Features of Products

Floor PlansCladding OptionsStandard ConstructionColour Steel Options

Ply & Batten

Ply & Batten Clad is a traditional cladding of batten-jointed plywood to create an aesthetically pleasing panel feature on garage walls and fascias. The exterior is stained or painted for protection in exposed weather. Available to be painted in any colour this has a very appealing finish.

Linea Board

Linea Weatherboard is durable and high quality cladding, offering an alternative to traditional timber cladding that embraces recent technology. Manufactured to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Fire, moisture damage and rot resistant. Available to be painted in any colour.

Shadow Clad

Shadow Clad is a wooden exterior panel which is stained or painted for protection in exposed weather and looks simply amazing. The timber clad envelopes warm, versatile and durable features into a cladding. Cedar and other timber finish options are available.

High Strength

High strength framing and connections.
All wall framing supplied in our garages are cut and rebated to join together with a tight fit. The stud is rebated to house cut-to-length nogs which give a professional finish and provide extra strength to the building frame.

Studs & Straps

Studs fit tightly into the bottom plate rebates. All plates are rebated to house, each stud especially located for your building layout. Steel wind straps are fixed to the bottom plate and studs. This locks the roof section to the stud through to the bottom plate and foundation.

Trusses & Purlins

We use state-of-the-art multi-grip connections. These connections lock and secure the truss to the top plate. Steel windstraps secure the stud to the truss and purlins. All our purlins are checked for their quality of fit and finish to ensure high professional standards.

Authentic wooden feature

Wooden Features are an option on our garages.

15° roof pitch standard

Contemporary Character


Dessert Sand



Grey Friars

Gull Grey




New Denim Blue

Permanent Green

Pioneer Red

Sandstone Grey

Enhanced Foundation Design

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