MC Studios

MC Studios are for when you require more space. Would you like a large office, a home gym, an art studio, or a man cave?

Artists, whether professional or hobbyists, encompassing all aspects of art such as painting, photography, sewing tent to get messy. With an MC Studio, you don’t have to worry about smell or mess interfering with your home. You also don’t have to worry about the sound so the MC studio is perfect for a recording studio or jam space.

An MC Studio provides the ultimate solution. The windows bring in natural light craved by most artists. Our current customers rave about their MC studio. Utilizing an MC studio for personal space does not usurp the use of the family garage either.

A Modern-Exercise room or gym can provide an excellent workout space where you can blare music if you desire without bothering anyone else in the home. MC studios can be customized with higher ceilings or more insulation and as few or as many windows or doors as you want for all the airflow you need.

Many cities allow an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit) or small guest suite depending on the size of the building lot. The guest cottage can double as a home office, yoga studio, exercise space or other needed space. Turning the basement, carport or garage into a gym, guest room or home office can result in a damp-feeling room. The light, airy feel of a MC  Shed will provide you and/or your guests with privacy, warmth and convenience, not to mention higher property value.

If you are using as a business you can claim the extra space for tax also

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Features of Products

Floor PlansCladding OptionsStandard ConstructionColour Steel OptionsCustom Built Options

Brick & Architectural masonry

Brick and Architectural Masonry embraces creativity, traditional beauty, and advanced technology. Dependent on range selection, choosing the Brick and Architectural Masonry option covers fire protection, sound control, energy efficiency, and structural benefits.

Concrete block

The Concrete Block garage is high quality and solid construction, making a statement to any property. The Concrete Block is a conventional masonry that has strength and durability with a satisfactory aesthetic finish. Blocks are low in maintenance, energy efficient, reduce noises and fire resistant.

Horizontal iron corrugate

A true icon of Kiwi culture and construction, the Iron Corrugate is cost effective, versatile, and able to handle a wide range of roofing and wall cladding applications. The corrugated iron is available in a common profile and includes Zincalume, Galvsteel, Colorsteel Endura and Colorsteel Maxx.

Linea Board

Linea Weatherboard is durable and high quality cladding, offering an alternative to traditional timber cladding that embraces recent technology. Manufactured to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Fire, moisture damage and rot resistant. Available to be painted in any colour.

Plaster & Hard finish clad

The cement based Plaster finish allows for modern aesthetics and traditional beauty, especially when blending your building in with the surrounding environment. Available to be painted in any colour. Hard-finish cladding options are also available.

Ply & Batten

Ply & Batten Clad is a traditional cladding of batten-jointed plywood to create an aesthetically pleasing panel feature on garage walls and fascias. The exterior is stained or painted for protection in exposed weather. Available to be painted in any colour this has a very appealing finish.

Prime colorsteel weatherboard

Prime Weatherboard Clad is a traditional cladding system blending in with modern and traditional design surroundings. Available in Zincalume, Galvsteel, Colorsteel Endura and Colorsteel Maxx. A perfect choice for your property investment.

Shadow Clad

Shadow Clad is a wooden exterior panel which is stained or painted for protection in exposed weather and looks simply amazing. The timber clad envelopes warm, versatile and durable features into a cladding. Cedar and other timber finish options are available.

Colorsteel weatherboard

Summit Weatherboard Clad is an interlocking panel cladding system which is held in place by concealed fastenings. The cladding has an attractive look and blends well with modern or traditional design surroundings.

Vertical iron corrugate

Metal cladding is commonly erected on a horizontal basis, however, the Iron Corrugate is able to hang vertically to create the desired finish. Because the iron is running verticle dust does not gather as much when the iron runs horizontally which saves on the cleaning.

Studs & Straps

Studs fit tightly into the bottom plate rebates. All plates are rebated to house, each stud especially located for your building layout. Steel wind straps are fixed to the bottom plate and studs. This locks the roof section to the stud through to the bottom plate and foundation.

High Strength

High strength framing and connections.
All wall framing supplied in our garages are cut and rebated to join together with a tight fit. The stud is rebated to house cut-to-length nogs which give a professional finish and provide extra strength to the building frame.

Trusses & Purlins

We use state-of-the-art multi-grip connections. These connections lock and secure the truss to the top plate. Steel windstraps secure the stud to the truss and purlins. All our purlins are checked for their quality of fit and finish to ensure high professional standards.

Authentic wooden feature

Wooden Features are an option on our garages.


STUDIOS: MC Construction has a number of popular studios options. Flexible design options allow for a smart workshop, office, or hobby room.


Dessert Sand



Grey Friars

Gull Grey





Mist Green

New Denim Blue

Permanent Green

Pioneer Red

Sandstone Grey



Thunder Grey


Windsor Grey

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