MC Construction provide construction services for new school buildings

As well as renovations of existing buildings that allow schools to modernise and better cater to a wider range of students.

We have a wide range of experience working with local schools to develop their new buildings, or renovations. MC Construction uses sustainable materials and selected components for new school buildings, including:

  • Level entry accessways and ramps.
  • Tactile Indicators to assist those who are visually-impaired.
  • Better acoustic features in internal spaces.
  • Upgraded infrastructure for better use of technology.
  • Upgraded ablution facilities, including changing tables.
  • Creating better drainage systems on school grounds.
  • And much more!

MC Construction has the overall experience and expertise to deliver on any school building project or upgrade.
Additionally, we offer the chance to improve your learning and playing environments for the betterment of your school and its students, with open communication and thorough planning allowing the complete future-proofing of school environments.
All school buildings in New Zealand must comply with design standards from the Ministry for Education. Accordingly, MC Construction have experience and a complete understanding of the regulations surrounding school buildings and can help your school comply!
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We enjoyed an excellent working relationship with every member of the MC team. They are responsive to our requests and understand the unique issues of working in a school. Their quality of workmanship is outstanding, and we are very satisfied with the delivery of the project.
Nick Raynor
~Principal, Tuamarina School.

Tuamarina School Building

New School Building by MC Construction.

School Buildings